August 29, 2015

Courtesy Rent-A-Car – Barbados

Courtesy Rent-A-Car

Courtesy Rent-A-Car, Barbados

courtesy Courtesy Rent A Car has been providing car rental services in Barbados since 1975. From a small fleet of 30 cars they have grown over the years to be one of the larger car rental companies on island. Courtesy Rent-A-Car offers the following ranges of vehicles:
  • Economy- Hyundai i10 - From $70.50/day
  • Compact - Nissan March and FIAT Grande Punto- From $79.11/day
  • Intermediate - Nissan Almera and Nissan Tiida- From $91.70/day
  • Premium - Nissan Bluebird Sylphy- From $125.17/day
  • Luxury SUV - Nissan X-Trail and Hyundai Tucson- From $157.72/day
  • Pickup - Nissan Frontier- From $101.25/day
Drivers must be betweet the ages of 21 and 70 years, with a minimum of 3 years driving experience. Drivers between 21 and 25 and between 65 and 70, must take one of our CDW's (Collision Damage Waiver) options. CDW is assessed at double the normal rate for drivers between 21 and 25 and between 65 and 70 years. A local driver's permit is absolutely necessary and may be obtained from any of our offices at a cost of BDS$10.00/US$5.00. This driver's permit is valid for 2 months. Collision Damage Waiver: All our vehicles are fully insured, but drivers not purchasing one of our CDW options are liable for a minimum of US$1,750.00 in the event of an accident. To reduce this liability, or to eliminate it completely, we offer 3 options of CDW (see below). It must be noted that CDW is NOT insurance. Vehicle tyres, upholstery, radios and electronic equipment are not covered by CDW. BASIC CDW: Current daily rate US$11.75 or weekly US$58.75 reduces driver liability to US$750.00 STANDARD CDW: Current daily rate US$14.69 or weekly US$73/$45 reduces driver liability to US$500.00. PREMIUM CDW; Current daily rate US$17.63 or weekly US$88.15 reduces driver liability to zero. GPS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST FOR ALL VEHICLES.