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Testimonials from Happy Travellers

Some of our very happy travellers have contacted us with stories and photos from vacations around the world.  Send your story to Marville Travel and we'll publish it along with our other happy travellers!

My favorite restaurants on the South Coast of Barbados listed in order of my preference.

My favorite restaurants on the South Coast of Barbados listed in order of my preference.

  1. Champers - Located on the southern end of Rockley Beach. A very consistent menu and wine lists.
  2. Pisces - St. Lawrence Gap. Very nice, elegant seafood restaurant overlooking St. Lawrence Bay.
  3. Zen - Located at the Crane hotel. Asian/Thai/Japanese cuisine. Very tasty dishes. Tables are set up for privacy with drapes
  4. Lobster Alive. Located on Bay Street just south of Bridgetown. The best lobster experience on the island. Lobsters are flown in by the owner on his private plane weekly and kept in a "pound" on the premises. Diners are able to hand pick the lobster of their choice. Make sure that the lobsters are in season (Sept 01 - Apr 30)
  5. Cafe Luna. Overlooking Miami Beach in Oistins. Great for sunset dinners.
  6. Sunday lunch at Southern Palms Hotel. Located in St. Lawrence Gap. The best steel band music is performed during brunch from 12:00 noon until 3:00 pm
  7. Oistins Fish Fry should not be missed. Friday night is the big night if you like crowds. This is a major stop for many locals and visitors. Each night offers a different type of entertainment. My favorite night is Monday night where there is a very good fire limbo show, and other variety acts.

Orville Folkes

Croatia 2011


I thought I would offer a report back on our trip to Croatia. Mainly because I think there is potential in introducing Canadians to this little vacation spot treasure.

It was fanstastic in every way. Every part of Croatia is beautiful and welcoming. The Plitvice Lakes park is more than amazing - rugged cliffs and sparking waterfalls -there are spots where you cannot help but get emotional - the beauty is so overwhelming.

We had no problems driving around on our own - the roads are excellent and directions are clearly marked (for the most part). There are areas that are a bit frightening when driving on very high narrow mountain roads - but the views are thrilling.